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Alone with God

Alone with God

And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray: and when the evening was come, he was there alone. (Matthew 14:23, KJV).

There is time to be engaged with people – family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, business partners, and so on. And there is time to be in God’s presence. Some of us find it difficult or dreadful to be alone with God. A lot of things have crowded people’s minds that need to be cleared off so that such minds can have room for divine encounters.

There should regular times when a man pushes all activities aside just to be with God for a day, two or more. Some wonder what you do in God’s presence for a whole day. You talk to God and you hear from Him deep things and secrets that you can’t receive through any other means. Nowadays a lot of Christians don’t observe their daily quiet time (that is, a time of personal meditation on the word of God and prayer). God’s word says ‘Call upon me and I will answer you….’, Jeremiah 33:3. But some of us have no time to call upon Him and then we wonder why He hasn’t answered the prayer we either haven’t prayed at all or didn’t pray well.

Imagine that a person spends an average of ten minutes daily to pray but devotes his full energy to his business or job which he does from dawn till dusk over a period of weeks or months. Is it right for such a person to question God’s mercy if he is afflicted by the devil?

The word of God says to pray without ceasing (I Thesalonians 5:17). Not praying makes one a prey. Whoever is not praying is playing. Failing to pray is like praying to fail. Some people are fond of asking God why He has refused to do something about their problem instead of facing the reality that the only time they get serious with God is when they have a serious trouble. And once their troubles seem over, off they go. I pray, may we not shortchange ourselves through prayerlessness. In Jesus name!

Today’s corporate prayer: Holy Ghost Fire, give me an unusual hunger for prayer. In the powerful name of Jesus!

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