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‘For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off (Proverbs 23:18, KJV).

When one’s expectation seems to fail, one is disappointed. But should that mark the end of good expectations in life? A thousand times no! You can still recover what you are expecting even if you lost it earlier. It’s a matter of keeping expectation alive.

Have you dropped that God-given vision? Are you now indifferent to God’s words and promises? Have you given up on getting a particular blessing or breakthrough? Due to a stubborn challenge, are you beginning to give up on your faith and the grace of God upon your life? You are of God, loved by God and ordained by Him for an assignment bigger than you!

You don’t have to despair. Prophetically, keep declaring upon yourself: “My expectations cannot be cut-off. Therefore, I shall not stop to expect God to fulfill His promises to me, in Jesus name”. Dear friend, today’s grace makes you rekindle your expectation in Christ; for your expectations shall not be cut off.

What are you expecting? Some people expect nothing. Many who are expectant are expecting negative things. Even those who manage to expect positive things are expecting little blessings. Only very few are expecting great turnarounds.

Friend, where do you fall? What you are expecting matters. Where do you see yourself going? Where do you see yourself by the end of this year? I pray; may the power of great expectations rest mightily upon us. In Jesus name!

Today’s corporate prayer: We bind the spirit of despair and discouragement in the lives of the saints. In Jesus mighty name!

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