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Godly Parenting

Godly Parenting

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:16, KJV).

Today people refer to some musicians and artistes as stars and celebrities. Many times, they are nothing but corrupt stars that become popular by promoting bad influences among adults and young ones.

Many of these so-called stars started their journey from the house of God but along the line; due to spiritual coldness, satanic diversion and negligence on the part of their parents or whosoever was supposed to have mentored them; they lost touch with God and became the devil’s ambassadors.

Dear parent, when you said you want your child to become a star, which star do you mean – a Godly star or a corrupt star? Most of these corrupt stars dress immodestly, smoke, drink, have unstable marriages and live flamboyant lives, because they believe stardom is more important than a good relationship with God. The question of how they become popular is another issue in itself. Most of them gain popularity by using ungodly means to lure young minds into the world of sin, drug, addiction, alcoholism, sex, abortion and Satanism.

We should remember that the youths tormenting the world today with killings, genocide, terrorism, bombings, armed robbery, fraud, online stealing and exposure of children to screen violence are actually some people’s children and wards. It is saddening how children that were meant to fulfill God’s divine mandate ended up serving the purpose of the devil.

The importance of Godly training cannot be overemphasized. Child training is more than helping the future of your family. It’s also about the safety of our world’s future; hence, we ought to pay good attention to it! I pray, may we not fail in our parenting ministry, in Jesus name!

Todays corporate prayer: My family shall not fail God. In the mighty name of Jesus!

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