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Killing Words

Killing Words

‘…teach the older women…not to be slanderers…’ (Titus 2:3, NIV).

To slander is to make a false, malicious statement which is injurious to a person’s reputation. Slander is an unwelcome thing as far as the scripture is concerned. It is better to say nothing than to speak evil of others.

Additionally, slanderers are good gossips. They breed hatred and enmity. Usually, they sow the seed of discord. They run down another’s reputation. More so, they can go any length just to get something slanderous to say about others. Slanderers may claim to be saying the truth. But of what use is a brutal ‘truth’ that tears down another fellow’s personality?

Actually, I concur with Rebecca Hamilton that slander is an admission that you don’t have anything else worthwhile to say. It is a clear indication of both your personal emotional bankruptcy and the paucity of whatever arguments you are advancing.

Whatever gives you joy or satisfaction in running others down is not of God. You need God to fix whatever is wrong with your inner being. A slanderer can’t just control his tongue because his heart is faulty. His mind ignores the positive sides of the fellow he wants to slander and focuses angrily on his faults. How wicked!

And mind you, if a slanderer gossips to you about somebody, know for sure that he will gossip to someone about you. The tongue actually is like a wild animal. And unless it is tamed, it can do and undo. So, when next your tongue wants to say something slanderous, disallow it! I pray, may the Lord give us victory over our words. In Jesus name!

Today’s corporate prayer: O Lord, make my words comforting words, and not killing words. In the mighty name of Jesus!

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