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Magnetizing his prescence

Magnetizing his prescence

‘But You are holy, Enthroned in the praises of Israel’ (Psa. 22:3, NKJV).

A slave girl possessed with a spirit of divination was making a lot of money for her owners through fortune-telling. She started calling everyone’s attention to Paul and his colleagues by saying, “These are servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to you the way of salvation”. She did this for days until Paul, finally fed up with her, turned and spoke to the demon in her in Jesus name. It left her instantly. And when her owners saw that their lucrative business was gone, they roughed Paul and Silas up and dragged them into the marketplace to face the authorities.

Paul and Silas were publicly beaten and were thrown into prison. The jailer was told to put them under heavy guard so there would be no chance of escape. So he threw them into the maximum security cell. By now Paul and Silas should be weak and battered in their spirit. But surprisingly they started praying and singing praises to God at midnight. Nothing would debar them from praising God, not even what they went through!

If it were you, would you pray? If at all you prayed what kind of prayer would it be? Wouldn’t it be a prayer of complain or anger? Some would even go as far as telling God that He disappointed them and didn’t appreciate the fact that they were serving Him. They could then ask God to paralyze the hands of those who beat them; so that they would learn not to ever disrespect ‘anointed men of God’.

As they were singing the God that dwells in the praises of His children manifested His presence. Suddenly, there was an earthquake, the doors flew open and every prisoner’s chains fell off! Being overwhelmed by these, the jailer surrendered his life to Jesus and they were set free! Interestingly, there are many other events in the Bible where God manifested His power as His children praised Him. While He ‘hears’ prayers, He inhabits praises. How deep!

Every king has a throne. So does the King of kings. His throne is actually made by the praises of His children. Our praises form the throne on which He sits. The Message Bible says God is “…leaning back on the cushions of Israel’s praise”. Are you a ‘thanker’ or a complainer? Have you seen the need to start praising God always? It is a good thing to give thanks to the Lord, says Psa. 92:1. And when you don’t, it is not good and it’s a sin. May God deepen our understanding on this. Amen.

Today’s Corporate Prayer: In everything I will give thanks to the Lord, for this is the will of God for me. In the mighty name of Jesus!

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