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Sin Kills


Genesis 2:17 – But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

Sin is a greater poison than natural poison, and even the poison of asps; and it kills faster.
Sin kills the life of the soul and deadens it to God-ward.

Many of us do not know the dangerous effect of sin, and I think that is why we still parley and fumble with iniquity. *_”Experience they say is a better teacher.”_*

When we (Christians) go into sin, we destroy the work of grace that the Holy Ghost is working within us. It breaks our consecration to God and thereby makes God to start afresh again.
And can this be strange to any of us that God will not use a man unless he first wean him from all sin.

Do not you sometimes marvel to see those who do not know the grace of Christ comfortably languishing in the mire of sin and iniquity without the consciousness of the doom and eternal punishment that awaits them? It is because their souls are dead to God and they cannot hear the voice of the Spirit.

❗Sin will destroy a man and reduce him to a piece of bread.
❗Sin will raise up a partition wall between you and God.
❗Sin will make God who appeared to be happy with you in a moment turn his back on on.
❗Sin will throw you into the hands of the devil and make you his prey.
❗Sin will cut your soul with wounds that will take long to heal.
❗Sin will hinder a man not to achieve God’s plan for his life.
❗Sin will eventually lead one to eternal separation from God in the unquenchable fires of hell.

So therefore, the LORD is warning us of the danger of sin.
Though the LORD has used me to write this, but with God there’s no respect with persons. *”The soul that sinneth it shall die.”*

Whatever has happened in the past, whatever has been your mind-pain in the past, whatever has made you feel unqualified for God’s use is not beyond the power of Christ. Put everything under the blood of Jesus, and make up your mind that you will not have anything to do with sin anymore. God’s grace is sufficient for the determined pilgrims.

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Reagan Azoyenime

Reagan Azoyenime is a born again Christian and an undergraduate student of Ambrose Ali University, Nigeria. He writes edifying Christian messages centred on salvation in Christ and holiness.


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