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This is the Message: HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD

This is the Message: HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD

Zechariah 14:20a – In that day shall there be upon the bells of the horses, HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD

The message of the Scripture from Genesis to Revelation demonstrate the holiness of God, and the call to all who claim to belong to the Only true God to holiness of life.

It goes beyond saying that holiness is the most sublime of all the subjects of the Bible. And herein is the emphasis that “WITHOUT HOLINESS NO MAN SHALL SEE THE LORD.

And God with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning: it is certain that God means what he says, and he says what he means.

Holiness is indispensable in the Christian life. Nothing below the standard of scriptural holiness pleases God no matter the status of the persons involved; for God has magnified his word above his name.

We see so many people today being deceived by materialistic gospel, sensual messages, fleshly gratifying sermons, and motivational speeches as to what the gospel is. Even some who call themselves ministers of God do not emphasis the need and utmost necessity of holiness of life but a few. The hard parts of it that we do not seriously emphasis may stand against us on the final day.

Holiness touches every areas of life. As to our Christians faith, it touches our heart, our spirit, our soul, our body, our conversation, our profession, our relationship etc. and if we do not meet up with the standard God has set up in his holy Word, we may still miss heaven.

Who says is so easy to get to heaven? Just raise up your hand in response to altar-call and then you will get to heaven, is a lie!

Brethren, heaven is high, heaven is holy, the way to heaven is not a way of roses. We will sweat on the way, we have to overcome temptations, we have to suffer persecutions, we have to endure afflictions, we may even face discipline in the church, we may suffer rejection from our relatives and family members; but all these will be crowned with eternal joy and bliss if we endure to the end. For only those who endure to the end shall be saved.

Therefore, the Lord is sending a warning to the end time churches, that we should all go back to the message of holiness, do away with all worldly conformity, depart from every shadow of sin and iniquity, and earnestly defend the faith once delivered unto the saints.

Yes we know that if we go back to the old landmark, many will fight against us, many will betray us as we decide to go back to the message that shows the way to life eternal, many will even make us their personal enemies, but in all these we are more than CONQUERORS.

Should we retreat because of their empty threats? Should we be discouraged because of their malicious dispositions? Should we relent because we do not have many supporters? Should we compromise because the road seems tough?_ I CONSENT NOT!


May God make us armies that are ready to pick up the challenge in this present world, and to boldly say that the Lord has given us a mandate to preach “holiness without which no man shall see the Lord.
And we are going through thick and thin, through the rain and the sun, and by the grace of God we shall overcome.

God bless all those who will join the voyage of armies of holiness declaring the gospel of truth as we sail to glory Land.

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Reagan Azoyenime is a born again Christian and an undergraduate student of Ambrose Ali University, Nigeria. He writes edifying Christian messages centred on salvation in Christ and holiness.


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