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Trusting God when it makes and doesn’t make sense (2) 

Trusting God when it makes and doesn't make sense (2) Trusting God when it makes and doesn’t make sense (2) 

A lady can be convinced about everything other thing in her life except but when it comes to choosing a life partner, she will run her check severally before reaching a conclusion. She has to be sure, reassured again and again that she’s not making a mistake.

So when I prayed about the proposal; I had a sense of peace in my heart. It’s that kind of constant knowing inside you that remains, even when you have fears and doubt.

Another pointer, was his willingness and eagerness to talk to our trainer about his intentions to marry me. I didn’t spur him to speak up neither did I ask him to talk to my mentors about his intentions, he took the initiative. This was kind of new to me, considering my experiences in previous relationships. I was surprised and dazed, and knew that this guy was seriously serious. He’s not going to toy with my heart. Let’s see how it goes then… (lol).

More so, the most remarkable pointer for me was how we both have same life time verse (Isaiah 42:6-7). Sometime ago in my life, I asked God to give the man I will eventually get married to, my life verse. A life verse is a scripture promise that defines your personal calling to you (you don’t need to be a missionary to have one).

Hence, after I prayed this prayer, I started looking out for a guy who has the life verse to no avail. It became frustrating to me because, the kind of guys I was relating with then, were clueless about what it means. I stopped praying entirely and stopped asking interested candidates, so I won’t chase them away.

So when I met Emmanuel, one of the days, I asked him where he read for his quiet time and he told me he read Isaiah 42, and went on to tell me that verse 6 and 7 are his life verses. I don’t know how God worked it out, that it had to be this way, but he chose to answer a silly prayer made by a silly girl a long time ago.

When I look back and see how God had led me through the years and how trusting God when it makes and doesn’t make sense has opened my heart to knowing God better, I praise Him for all He has done.

In a week’s time, I will be walking down the aisle with this young man, I don’t know what the future holds for the two of us. Sometimes, I’m afraid of all the “what if” questions that come to my mind. We can’t know everything, we can only know in part but we have a God who knows everything and we chose to trust Him with our lives.

May the Lord give us the courage to take those bold steps in obedience to Him. Is there something you’re sensing strongly that God wants you to do? It’s time to trust and obey even if it doesn’t make sense now.

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Blessing Okpara is a Full-time Missionary ministering amongst students in University and Secondary School Campuses. She also meets with young ladies and neighborhood children and together they learn more about Jesus Christ and His mission.

Comments (6) on "Trusting God when it makes and doesn’t make sense (2) "

  1. Waoow… Waoow…
    Personally, it’s not easy to trust God with everything but this is a kind reminder that God is interested in my business.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Exactly, God is still interested in your business. Keep trusting dear.

      Thanks for reading

  2. This is a wonderful write-up it is going to help would-be couples to choose their partners according to God’s will.May this marriage be blessed beyond imagination

  3. Congratulations my beloved sister! It can only be God, God that started it will finished it dear, you are in the right track, your marriage is blessed already, see you on Saturday!!!

  4. Glory to God! God is indeed mindful of us! May the Lord bless and keep you and your home and cause all your plans to succeed in Jesus name Amen.

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