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Divine design

Divine design

‘The Son of Man indeed goes just as it is written of Him…’ (Matt. 26:24, NKJV).

The Lord once showed me a dream in which I was on a journey with a man I knew very well. We were on foot, going on a straight road. As the journey progressed, we got to a point and we were intercepted by some uniform men. They demanded to know who we were by simply asking us to ‘identify’ ourselves. So I showed them my ID card with my picture on it and they told me I was free to continue going. The other man too displayed his ID card but the face on the card was different from his actual face. Unfortunately he was sent back and disallowed from continuing with the journey.

I really wanted to understand what the dream was saying because the man in the dream was already late. In the course of meditation, the Lord made me to understand that both of us were actually journeying on the road leading to destiny fulfillment. I was doing what was written about me but that man was doing something different from what was written about him. That was why he was carrying a wrong identity in the spirit realm; hence he wasn’t allowed to proceed into fulfillment. He actually died without fulfilling his destiny.

Friend, there is a purpose for every man’s existence. God didn’t create anyone just for the fun of it. There is something written about each of us. Jesus, for example, knew why He came to the earth. That was why He said He was going as it was written of Him. Have you found out what the hand of God wrote about you? Do you know your mission on the earth? Anyone who doesn’t know what he is meant to do here will live purposelessly, do everything about nothing and go from somewhere to nowhere.

Everyone’s greatness is attached to what was written about him. One of the greatest discoveries of life is to find out what God has ordained one to be. No matter what your age is, it’s not too late to prayerfully seek God’s face to know your purpose in life. Moses didn’t begin until he was eighty. Abraham didn’t discover himself until he met with God at seventy-five. So you are neither too old nor too young to pursue what was written about you. It is by discovering it that one’s life can have great impacts.

When God penned down his purpose for you, He took care of all attendant limitations and challenges to your fulfillment. So do not let your age, gender, marital status, level of education, inferiority complex, fear, discouragement, lack of finances or lack of support to stop you. Ask God for wisdom (Jas. 1:5), step out in faith and remain prayerful and faithful. The Lord is your strength. In Jesus name!

Today’s Corporate Prayer: If I have been ‘caged’ by anything different from my divine purpose, arise O Lord and set me free. In the mighty name of Jesus!

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