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Minding your own role

Minding your own role

‘…A man scatters seed on the ground. Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how’ (Mk. 4:26, 27, NIV).

The earth operates based on principles. So does the kingdom of God. That’s why Jesus always used parables that were based on earthly experiences to explain kingdom matters. That said, we want to consider another parable of Jesus today. Using a farming principle, Jesus explained how God’s kingdom operates. According to Him, a farmer has no business trying to figure out how his seed will sprout and grow. All he needs to do is to scatter his viable seed on the prepared ground.

That applies also to when the seed of God’s word is scattered. How it grows is totally up to God. But we must play our part by releasing the seed. If we don’t scatter the seed, nothing will sprout and grow. If the seed of God’s word is not released into a fellow, he continues in his sin and wickedness; and remains a problem to anyone around him. He causes trouble and remains helpless in the terrible grip of sin, no matter how much he determines to be free.

Funny enough, when some ‘farmers’ scatter the seed of God’s word, they try to make it sprout and grow. When it seems like the growth is delayed, they get upset or angry with the ground, wondering why the ‘sinner’ has refused to show forth signs of repentance. In fact, many of them give up and conclude that a particular fellow’s case has gone beyond redemption. Well, that is not correct.

How the word will produce fruit is not what any man can control. The potentials for expansion is already embedded in God’s kingdom. This expansion is activated through sharing God’s word faithfully and committedly. And here comes an important question: Are you an active or passive citizen of God’s kingdom? You need to know that your level of commitment to expanding God’s kingdom is what determines your kingdom status. Again, how committed are you?

The King of the kingdom says to us: “Seek first the interest of my kingdom and my righteousness. I will give you the things you need if you do so” (Matthew 6:33, paraphrased). So do we have to put our personal needs first? He says “no”. Can we be more concerned about a few things than this task? Still He says ‘no’. ‘Seek first’ is the commandment. May we be profitable indeed to God’s kingdom. In Jesus name!

Today’s Corporate Prayer: I choose to be a productive kingdom citizen through commitment to its interests. Help me O Lord. In Christ Jesus mighty name!

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