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A word to the bully

A word to the bully

It’s true that God is all-powerful, but he doesn’t bully innocent people (Job 36:5; MSB).

Bullying is an act of intimidating a person or others, and it makes them experience discomfort, pain and frustration. Bully has become a regular thing in many places, both among children and adults. To some folks, bullying is a way of life. They taunt others without caring about the negative effects their actions could have on their victims.

Educators and counselors are now very concerned about the vicious effects of bullying on its victims. Studies revealed that many people who are bullied are targeted because they lack intimate friendships, self esteem, physical strength or social skills.

Bullying manifests in different forms. Parents bully their children by treating their sibling(s) better than they treat them. Many a man mistreats his wife by calling her names, ignoring her feelings, beating or cheating on her. Many wives also disregard their husbands because of their financial contributions towards running the home.

At the root of bullying are pride, poor self esteem and hardheartedness. Many leaders bully their followers. Many employers bully their employees or maids and even abuse them physically. The effects of bullying can be really very grave. I actually read about a sixteen year old who committed suicide due to malicious bullying!

Dear friend, if God has been merciful and kind to us despite our sins and shortcomings, why do we bully others? You actually need to have a change of heart if you are a conscious or unconscious bully. I pray, may God give us compassionate hearts. In Jesus name!

Today’s corporate prayer: O Lord, rid my heart of pride and hardheartedness. In the mighty name of Jesus!

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