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And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free’ (John 8:32, NLT).

If we meditate well on today’s opening text, we will agree that freedom is connected to knowing. Sadly, a lot of us are ignorant of our ignorance. Jesus said that until the knowledge of the truth comes into play, freedom is not in view in life.

Ignorance is a giant contending with a lot of lives. Once the enemy discovers that one is ignorant in certain aspects of life, he wisely takes advantage of such ignorance to inflict deadly blows on him or her.

Ignorance is disastrous indeed. That one is ignorant of a thing does not change the fact that it truly exists. So many folks who claim that they don’t believe in satanic attacks are actually being attacked by the devil. And there are some people who explain spiritual things away using natural or scientific knowledge.

Out of ignorance, many of us underestimated the wickedness and tenacity of the enemy until we began to understand that our opposition really meant business. Even those who think they are doing fine ought to seek the Lord to point out hidden areas of bondage in their lives.

It is the manifestation of the enemy’s bondage when someone continually finds himself in errors, even when he’s making conscious effort not to fall into errors. One’s kind of bondage determines the level of aggression and spiritual doggedness necessary for freedom.

Some bondages are generational and will require prayer bombardment and tenacity. Unfortunately a lot of people who are supposed to map out how to strategically create seasons of prayers are only busy planning about food, drinks and latest fashion.

A lot of people have good plans for this period of the year. But only very few are planning to connect to God so as to set them free from spiritual deficiencies. When a life records more failure than successes, there is need to know more than what is presently known.

Lack of the knowledge of spiritual warfare has reduced highflyers to crawlers and has caused terrible sufferings indeed. Until we know that we don’t know, bondage remains. A lot of folks are blaming themselves today for their past ignorance. I pray; may our ignorance be divinely destroyed. In Jesus name!

Today’s Corporate Prayer: O Lord, deliver me from hidden bondage by your purging fire. In Jesus name!

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