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Life Without Jesus: The Benefits of Having Jesus in Your Life

Life Without Jesus: The Benefits of Having Jesus in Your Life
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Life Without Jesus: The Benefits of Having Jesus in Your Life

Life without Jesus can’t be lived in fullnes of purpose, fulfillment, happiness, joy, meaning, satisfaction and blessedness. All these and much more are only found in Jesus.

1 John 5:12 He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.

Millions are still in doubt about the finished works of Jesus on the cross. Others neither know Him, nor have an idea of what He did for mankind. Whichever category it is you belong; I would have you know that, you can’t possibly live a life of divine purpose and be truly satisfied with your accomplishments in life without Jesus in it. That is to say that, a man with wealth, fame, a plethora of educational qualifications, resounding achievements and much more would always still need Jesus. Or else, such an individual would only be merely existing.

In spite of attaining different heights in life; no one would ever find the true meaning of purpose, satisfaction, peace, unspeakable joy, etc without Jesus. Not to mention eternal life, which only Him provides.

Why You Need to Have Jesus in Your Life

It’s needless to say that, Christ is a total package. He is whom we need. whatever it is that you seek out of life, you would get all and much more in Him. I realised a truth a couple of years ago and that’s the fact that “I just wasn’t born to make it without Jesus; I can’t possibly make it without Him no matter how hard I try.”

Some persons feel they have every single detail about their lives carefully planned out. Others are convinced they have it altogether and completely in charge of their lives. So, they don’t have need for Jesus. The point is, they would only realise at the end of their lives that they spent the most important part of their years on earth chasing the less important things. While, neglecting whom they needed the most. This realisation will only lead to regrets and despair.

The Benefits of Having Jesus

Being a believer is a life with only advantages! Awesome, right? Yes, the more reasons you should give it up and live for Christ.

Here are some of the amazing perks of having Jesus in your life:

  1. Victory Over Sin and Unspeakable Joy Thereafter:

    Christians are called to a life of victory including victory over sin. Anger, lust, jealousy, etc will only leave you miserable and very empty. Jesus forgiveness of our sins helps us find victory over those sins and delivers joy into our lives therafter. A perfect, heavenly joy that will make every feeling of emptiness and misery disappear. Sin comes with the illusion of making you feel like it makes you happy for a little while. But, I can tell you that the passing pleasures of sin is nothing compared to the joy of living a victorious life in Jesus.

  2. A True Friendship is Established

    A true friend is gained for life when you open the door of your heart to Jesus. Wouldn’t it be a great thing to have a lifelong friend, a companion, protector, provider, mentor, teacher, etc.
    Not to mention the fact that, He will listen to every of your prayers and answer them. Help you in every situation in life. Jesus is all these and much more.

  3. A Life Devoid of Worry and Anxiety

    This doesn’t mean that the life of a Christian is always a bed of roses. Truthfully speaking, we must all go through trials. But in the midst of those trials, we can go through them with the confidence that God will be with us every step of the way.

  4. Eternal Life

    Through Jesus we’ll all get to enjoy life in eternity. Believers have the blessed hope of escaping hell through the Way, the Truth and the Life which is Jesus Himself. I wonder why anyone would want to choose otherwise.

Summarily, a life without Jesus would always lack meaning and be spiritually dead. However, the awesome news is you can be brought back to life in Christ even now. I urge you to choose Jesus today, He is worth far more than ten thousand friends.



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