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Sexual Recklessness

Sexual Recklessness

‘…for a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him’ (II Peter 2:19, NIV).

Sexual sins are like a deadly poison. They have killed, and are killing many societies today. They are displayed in music, movies, magazines, mobile phones, websites and many social platforms. A lot of people treat them like they are harmless, but they have been discovered to have addictive powers which only the power of God’s word can break.

There are people who have been caged by such sins for years. They have tried at different times to overcome them but to no avail. These sins have at many times leave them empty, guilty and embarrassed. Yet they couldn’t break free from its addictive powers. Many souls are held captive by the power of sins like prostitution, masturbation, pornography, fornication, adultery and so on. The memories and scars left by these sins are deeply engraved on their wounded souls and seem very difficult to be completely wiped off.

Sexual sins have wrecked untold havoc to untold many. When they prevail in a family, they hurt both parents and children. Children who mistakenly stumble on immoral practices by their parents (or some adults around them) usually never recover easily from such encounters. Such encounters stir up their curiosity and more often than not, lead them into becoming sexually active at their tender ages. In the end, except by the mercy of God, such young folks become emotional, psychological and moral wrecks.

In families, they promote emotional lonesomeness and dissatisfaction with one’s mate. They have weakened intimacy and trust between once-loyal couples. Do you know what Jesus said on issues bordering on this subject? He counseled that instead of allowing our eye to cause us to sin we should pluck it out (See Matt. 5:29). It’s that serious! Jesus’ take on this shows its gravity. Obviously, all forms of sexual sins are unacceptable and unjustifiable before God. So, avoid them like a plague. And if you are already trapped, may God’s mercy rescue you today. In Jesus mighty name!

Today’s corporate prayer: Holy Ghost Fire, visit the very source of my travails and set me free today. In the name of Jesus!

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